About tattoo artist Michael Thomsen


My name is Michael Thomsen, called Thomsen, and I am an independent tattoo-artist “of God’s grace”.

I started my career in tattooing in 1988 when I sailed on the North Atlantic for four months at a time and had become even better to draw as time allowed for it.

My companions at home plagued me to go to tattoo them, so I did, and in 1988-89 I tattooed at home and on the ship.

From 1989-2001 I tattooed at home and around other places, as I did not want to settle at the time.

I made many paintings and glass engravings that sold to the whole world.

From 2000-01 I Tattooed in Tattoo World in Glostrup where I met YSH (Niels Sølling, now in Colombia)

From 2002-04, YSH and I Most Wanted Tattoo had at Lyngbyvej, where I was so unlucky to get ‘Tinitus’ and had to take a little break.

I was a short while at Larsen in Ringsted.

From 2005-2010 I was with my good friend Johnny in Funen’s Tattoo Corner, and after that, I have visited his shop sometime.

From 2008-14 I worked with my good friend Jimmi and BamBam in Cool Ink Tattoo in Glostrup.

Now I have fallen in love with Majser’Majbritt Petersen (Lille Ole) in Tattoo Ole, Nyhavn 17 and hope for many years here!

Thank you for reading this and welcome to Nyhavn 17 basement tv. when I want it!

(Some of the years overlap when I was sitting in several stores several times)