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Tattoo Ole in Nyhavn is the world's oldest still functioning tattoo shop. It is one of the few original spots that are still left of the old Nyhavn, and the shop is considered extremely worthy of preservation by the Copenhagen Museum.

When you sit in the chair at Tattoo Ole in Copenhagen K, you join a motley crowd of tough sailors, easy-going ladies, nervous light sailors and even a single king. Nyhavn 17 has a long history in tattoo art and Danish culture. The Danish King Frederik IX was tattooed here a few times, and that is why you will find the following text on the door: ´The king's tattoo artist - the king of tattoos´.

A true connection to history

Come by our tattoo shop and experience a piece of world history

Tattoo Ole is the world's oldest still functioning tattoo shop - with two very small rooms in the basement of Nyhavn 17 in Copenhagen K. The Nyhavn 17 building is a listed building, and the Tattoo Ole store has been declared extremely worthy of preservation by the Copenhagen Museum.

Over the years, Nyhavn 17 has gathered all kinds of people. In the old days it was full of drunken sailors, pleasure women (prostitutes), criminals and outlaws; it was the rough end of town. Today we also gather all kinds of people who dream of a tattoo at a bargain price.

How much do tattoos cost?

A true connection to history

Our prices depend on how big a tattoo you need to have and how detailed it needs to be. Our minimum price is DKK 1,000 for a tattoo, and for larger projects we have an hourly rate of DKK 1,000, corresponding to a tattoo time of 50 minutes.

Your tattoo artist since 1884

A true connection to history

Nyhavn 17 has always housed all types of people. In the old days, Nyhavn was the hard part of Copenhagen filled with sailors, maids of joy and those you would rather not go out with. Back in time, the store has been frequently visited by, among others, crew members from various cruises with the school ship and the royal ship, who wanted to perpetuate their trip.

We know that in 1884 the tattoo was done in the basement by tattoo artist Gustav Bechmann. Back then, there was a small tobacco shop that housed a small table in the corner for tattoos. The stories tell that Gustav, and perhaps others before him, also tattooed long before this time in the small rooms, and that the same thing happened up in the bar at Nyhavn 17.

We offer walk-ins so swing by our tattoo shop today and become a part of the story yourself. You can also call in and get a quote from an experienced tattoo artist.

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Super god tatovør

super god tatovører kan varmt anbefales altid imødekommende Thomsen er en super dygtig tatovør

Jesper Valdbjørn Jørgensen

Very good experience

Very good experience and awesome talent and great people love my tattoo and will definitely go there next time ill be in Denmark

Jón pór Steinunnarson

Kan anbefale som første tatovering

Første gang jeg skulle have en tattoo var jeg nervøs, men da jeg trådte ind blev jeg mødt med et kæmpe stort smil, et stort Hej og straks havde man en god samtale over tatoveringen og livserfaring. kan klart anbefale for første og fremtidige tatoveringer

Cecilia Victoria Christensen

En af hver tak!

Når man kommer ned i kælderen, og ser alle motiverne på væggene, så tænker man bare: "Skal da bare have en af hver tak!"

Martin Wilhelmsen

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For us, your experience is very important. That is why we attach great importance to a good dialogue and safe environment! All our artists are skilled and accommodating and we are always ready to advise you if you have any questions.

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- A true connection to history.

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