Walk-in tattoo

We offer walk-in times

​Walk in tattoo is offered in the world's oldest tattoo shop

​Do you want a tattoo without having to wait several days for it to be your turn? Then take a walk past our salon, Tattoo Ole, where we offer walk in tattoo. Our tattoo shop is located in Nyhavn in Copenhagen K, and we are the world's oldest of its kind. We have existed since 1884, and we have, among other things, tattooed the Danish King Frederik IX.

With us, everyone is welcome, and whether you have to have the last tattoo that covers the whole body, or whether you have to have your first, we make sure that you get a safe and good experience in a relaxed atmosphere that at the same time exudes professionalism and creativity.

Practical information about walk in tattoo

When you need to get your tattoo done, you need to show up fresh and freshly washed. You must have eaten breakfast and you must not be under the influence of either alcohol or any other narcotics. In our Ink Base, we register you and your tattoo, and we store the information on the colors we have used on you for the next five years. You will also receive an e-mail with the colors / bach numbers that we have used on you, so you have the opportunity to get the same color in the tattoo afterwards, if it needs to be refreshed over time.

Our prices on tattoos

Our prices start from DKK 1,000 and depend on how big and detailed a tattoo you want. For smaller tasks, we agree on a fixed price before we start. This price will also include a check within three months after the tattoo has been made.

For larger projects, we work on the basis of an hourly rate of DKK 1,000, corresponding to a tattoo time of 50 minutes. We are also happy to prepare a quote for larger projects. We accept cash, MobilePay and all cards.

Contact us and hear more or stop by

Feel free to contact us for more information on a walk in tattoo, or you can just drop by.

Contact information

Copenhagen department

003-maps-and-flags  Nyhavn 17, 1051 København K​

002-phone-call  +45 33 15 90 86​​

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Faroe Islands department

003-maps-and-flags  Tròndargøta 29, 100 Tòrshavn​

V-tal 651966​​

002-phone-call​  00298775050

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