Artist & owner, Majbritt “Lille Ole” Petersen in Nyhavn


My name is Majbritt Petersen, but people call me Lille Ole. I am a tattoo artist and the owner and holder of Tattoo Ole in Nyhavn in Copenhagen; the world’s oldest, still-functioning tattoo shop. Lille Ole is a tattoo artist who is creative by nature. Therefore she keeps developing beautiful things with her hands.

As a tattoo artist, I will tattoo who is over 18 years old. Image identification must be displayed and we do not make tattoos on the neck, head or hands as Danish law does not allow this.

I was on the Board of the Danish Tattoo Association (Dansk Tatovør Laug) from 2013 until the end of 2016. In connection with the general meeting in the beginning of 2017, I wanted to go down a bit and concentrate on other things, so today I am a regular member of the Danish Tattoo Association.

I am the founding member of ESTP 2013 – the European Society of Tattoo and Pigment Research.

I have been in the tattoo business since 2001. It has been my main business for the last 17 years.

I am also an educated materialist. Here, you learn about skin, hygiene, cleaning, style, shapes, and colors. I’ve always loved making people beautiful and getting the best out of them.

After many years, I have decided to educate myself in permanent makeup. I have done that to please people because there are many who can benefit from this type of treatments.

In 2012, I graduated from the Mona Lise Cosmetics as Permanent Makeup Artist.

I have taken multiple courses to become a better tattoo artist.


  • Tattoo Master – Master Teacher from 2002 to 2006
  • At Tattoo by Larsen
  • Permanent makeup in 2012 at Mona Lise Cosmetics
  • Materialist from Matas


  • Makeup course – EUC Syd
  • Hairstyle shape and colors – EUC Syd
  • Photo – EUC Syd
  • Free hand drawing – EUC Syd
  • Natural Cosmetics – EUC Syd
  • Design (describe, analyze and evaluate design for form and function) – EUC Syd
  • Drawing and Construction (manufacturing work drawings for models and hair styling) – EUC Syd
  • Cold Melting – 2014

You can see my certificates by clicking here.

As a tattoo therapist, I regularly educate myself to maintain my knowledge and to be at the forefront of time and trend as well as to remain a good tattoo artist with a reliable shop.

My handcraft is wide in range and I don’t have only 1 style-type.

I work as a tattoo artist in a wide range of styles, including the traditional sailor shower, the portrait, the butterflies and the Viking tattoo. As a tattoo artist, I love to get new tasks and am always receptive to new challenges. In general, I mean that genuine artists should not get stuck in a particular style, but constantly must meet new challenges, as we do in our shop in Nyhavn, Copenhagen.

In order to realize your dream of a new tattoo, it is very important that you are clear about your wishes and expectations when talking with the tattoo artist. Therefore, we prefer that you bring at least three images describing the subject that you want tattooed.

Come past us in Nyhavn in Copenhagen and get your dream tattoo. You can also call your tattoo artist on the phone 33 15 90 86 or write to our e-mail Then we will return as soon as possible.