Anna Sofia also known as Sofia, is one of three apprentices that in 2021 started their apprenticeship with Majbritt Petersen in Tattoo Ole. She will mostly be in the newly opened shop located in Torshavn on the Faroe Islands.

Sofia comes from the Faroe Islands, and has lived there almost her whole life. In 2016 she graduated from high school in the Faroes, and has since worked different jobs, traveled the world and done different art projects, until she started her apprenticeship with us. Her creativity started in her childhood, where she started off with pencil drawings that she still does a lot of today. At 15 years old she created many different art pieces, acrylics, water colours, pencils etc, that were sold on many occasions throughout 6 months. After this Sofia with her art group traveled all the way to New York off the money that had been raised, from selling all the art pieces made by them.​

To be creative has always been something she has loved and used most of her spare time on. When she hasn't been drawing, she has taken courses in silver, horn, bones and stonework jewelry and makes jewelry and sewing homemade clothes. Besides this, Sofia also has an interest in cosmetics and often helps her family and friends regarding cosmetics, hair, nails and anything creative.

​After drawing with pen on paper, she moved her creativity over to the digital platform. From there she started drawing more and more digitally and for instance designed tattoo ideas for others, made caricatures and has drawn a cover for a Faroese book. What she personally gravitates most to draw is portraits, inspired from the Japanese world, where she has had a big interest in manga and anime.

As it hasn't been a possibility to apprentice at a shop until now, becoming a tattoo artist has always been something she has wanted to pursue. So now finally with the opportunity as an apprentice, she is so excited and ready to start her future as a part of Tattoo Ole.

Contact information

Copenhagen department

003-maps-and-flags  Nyhavn 17, 1051 København K​

002-phone-call  +45 33 15 90 86​​

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Faroe Islands department

003-maps-and-flags  Tròndargøta 29, 100 Tòrshavn​

V-tal 651966​​

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