Tattoo Ole es la tienda de tatuajes más antigua del mundo que aún funciona

Chico - Engaged with tattoos since 2017.

My drawing journey started many years ago. It was already official from the moment when I got the first pencil in my hands.
During the early years of primary school, rather than keeping my focus on notes, I'd create some drawings in a back of a notebook instead.

Perception of the world was taken from a very individual and respective point of view by me. It hasn't changed until today.
I'd often escape into the world of creativity where no limitations regarding colours or forms exist.

I deeply love mountain highking, which I associate with my spare time. Anytime, when the chance appears, I'd take myself for a retreat into the wildness, where I revel in the sounds of resonating wind and liberating birds songs performance.

My inspiration comes from nature, as well as from cartoons. I enjoy watching one particular cartoon produced in Czechia, named "Krecik" - somehow, it is my favourite cartoon.

Indeed, "Krecik" is my artistic muse and creating drawings connected to this creature gives me a sort of enjoyment.

When it comes to clients, I do appreciate openness. Myself, as a tattoo artist, I like to present not only one possibility of a dream tattoo.

In the future, I'd like to invite all people to my very own tattoo studio where the harmony of nature and wild surroundings will be a part of the experience of getting a dream tattoo.

​Información del contacto

Departamento de Copenhague

003-maps-and-flags  Nyhavn 17, 1051 København K​

002-phone-call  +45 33 15 90 86​​

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Departamento de las Islas Feroe

003-maps-and-flags  Tròndargøta 29, 100 Tòrshavn​

V-tal 651966​​

002-phone-call​  00298775050

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Bienvenido a Tattoo Ole. La tienda de tatuajes más antigua del mundo 

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12:00 – 20:00​

Se tienen en cuenta los cambios en los horarios de apertura. Cerrado los lunes y domingos en las Islas Feroe. Abierto 12-20

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