Silja "Billy Boy" - Tatoo apprentice ​

Silja, called Billy Boy by her family, is originally from the Faroe Islands, but spend 13 of her first years in Denmark, where apart from always drawing in school hours, participated in horseback riding, gymnastics, scouts, piano, bowling, and ballet, where she danced for the Queen.

When she turned 13, she moved back to the Faroe Islands to a little village where there weren’t a whole lot of things to do, so she spends all her free time drawing and improve her art.

In 2013, when Silja was just 20, she decided to move again, this time she moved to England to get herself an education. She studied Fine Arts at Cambridge School of Art, where she received an honour degree in 2016.

Today Silja works as a professional artist on the Faroe Islands, where she participates in several exhibitions a year. All in all, she's been in approx. 25 exhibitions, where 5 of those have been her own solo exhibitions. In 2021 her art became part of the Bank Nordics art collection.

Silja has also several times illustrated for children's books, as she loves working with children, she has worked in nurseries and kindergartens on the Faroe Islands, and pre-schools and Kids Clubs in England.​

Apart from her immense interest in drawing and painting Silja also likes to explore other creative interests, where she e.g., been a freelance model, video-game illustrator, makeup- and SFX-artist in several Faroese short films, even made a UV-graffiti background for the Faroese crime fiction show TROM (2021).​

Silja has now decided to explore a whole new creative career as a tattoo artist, where she wants to learn the old ancient art of decorating the canvas that is the human body, under guidance of the amazing tattoo artists down at Tattoo Ole, the world's oldest still functioning tattoo-shop in the world.​

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